ZippyJohnJones is the adopted online handle of a 39 year old rediscovering play after being left alone with a lot of down time.

I want to take up a useful hobby, lead a more active lifestyle, and spend more time on martial arts, but many days I find myself exhausted from the continuous onslaught of attacks from my prodigal spouse and can do nothing else but sit or sleep… Despite myself, I have returned to video games to decompress and de-stress and socialize when my friends are burned out on hanging out with the divorced guy… Why are you reading this? This is depressing to write, let alone read. Maybe I am depressed. I’m going to go eat a tastycake…

Anyway, I find myself navigating the world of guilds and factions; acronyms like pvp, pve, lfm, afk, etc. as a 39 year old who has not played a game since FFVII and Baldur’s Gate. These are my experiences looking for a good game and trying to find community. I will post when I can. My opinions are my own.

Thanks for showing up to listen to my ramblings.

Well, on to glory!

Founding member of the OP Teacher Community

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