WoW, Pandarens, & PTSD

My second foray into modern rpg games was WoW. Having been inspired by Jane McGonigal’s first TED talk, and having read “WoW in School; a hero’s journey“, I finally took the plunge and tried World of Warcraft. I was looking for an Asian feel, preferably with samurai, monks, and ninjas. The closest thing I could play to the Samurai was a Pandaren Warrior.

Uninspiring Westfall
I had hoped to get some experience with this game and perhaps con some friends (& preferably colleagues) into coming online with me.

I loved the tutorial quests on the floating turtle island, and honestly this was a lot more immersive and fun than I had anticipated. I actually considered spending some actual money on this game. I even got a WoW Visa, thinking I would just use rewards to buy game time past level 20.

Two things coincided to kill this game for me. First, I had to leave the cool island and begin questing in a depressing desolate place, called Westfall. This took forever. I hated the quests. I hated the landscape, and I felt isolated, despite being in a game with thousands of people. Second, my wife got a new job. I stopped doing anything extra to spend more time with her and the kids, but ultimately she left me for another man anyway. When leaving to shack up with this other dude, she said that video games were pretty loser-ish, so I can’t really get into WoW anymore without having some PTSD. I’ve tried, but between Westfall and depressing memories, I’d rather not.


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