Welcome to Zippy Plays

‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello…

Welcome to my Blog. I’m going to write about stuff here. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over…

I want to take up a useful hobby, lead a more active lifestyle, and spend more time on martial arts, but many days I find myself exhausted from the continuous onslaught of attacks from my prodigal spouse and can do nothing else but sit or sleep… Despite myself, I have returned to video games to decompress and de-stress and socialize. This is key when my friends are burned out on “hanging out with the divorced guy”… Why are you reading this? This is depressing to write, let alone read. Maybe I am depressed. I’m going to go eat a tastycake…

…and we’re back. Anyway, I now find myself navigating the world of guilds and factions; acronyms like pvp, pve, lfm, afk, etc.; and trying to decide if it is okay to spend money on a video game. As a 39 year old who has not played a game since FFVII and Baldur’s Gate, back in 1998, I feel a little out of my element. These are my experiences looking for a good game and trying to find community.

To understand what I am going to be writing about and the perspective from which my thoughts will come, let’s establish a few things up front…

  1. I am a n00b – Okay, so I try not to be a n00b in the sense of having no will to learn any more… I am just a little slow on the uptake… I am trying. I aspire to be a “newb”, but my persistent cluelessness likely annoys folks around me. I try, and my heart is in the right place. I’m 39. This takes some getting used to.
  2. I am a Socializer – This refers to the Bartle Test. I am all about interacting, helping folks out, and interacting… did I mention interacting? I would rather help a team do a dungeon that I’ve done 50 times than go accomplish a quest that I need to complete. I will do anything to be as helpful as I can to just about anyone I meet. I used to be an Explorer, but I am becoming more of an Achiever, simply because I want to be a help to those on my team. It’s hard to make friends when your gear sucks so bad that you can’t help them kill anything…
  3.  I do have a life – Being a Socializer is hard when most guilds expect yout to be uber-active. I am probably playing more often than I should be when I am home alone, but when I have my children, I am going to be inactive. My kids come first. That’s just how it is… Finding other folks in-game that understand single-parenthood is difficult.
  4. I have a Mac – Yeah, I know. #fail. I did use Bootcamp to install Win7. I enjoyed the challenge of using Wine for awhile, but Gameguard is killing games for Wine one by one.
  5. I struggle – I struggle to find a game that I like that I have no moral qualms about. I am a mess… Pray for me.

I look forward to getting some actual content on here soon, but hey, everything has to start somewhere.


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